Filling up shelves at Ride for Reading

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Filling up shelves at Ride for Reading

It’s a pairing that was meant to be.

Mostly Tomatos has a bicycle in its logos and loves books. Ride for Reading has a bicycle in its logo and loves books. And we both love getting books into the hands of those who need them.

IMG_1459Mostly Tomatos recently made its first donation to Ride for Reading, backing up the truck SUV to the organization’s Nashville warehouse and doing its best to fill up the shelves for some summer stock. We were able to deliver around 1,000 children’s books, with titles ranging across the board for various ages and reading levels.

According to Ride for Reading’s website, research shows that only 1 in 300 children in poverty have age appropriate books.

By donating to organizations like Ride for Reading – which collects books and donates them via bicycle to children  – we are able to do our small part in providing these books to children in Title 1 schools, educating them on the importance of literacy, and a healthy life style.

We will be participating in our first Ride for Reading bicycle delivery in April, which will deliver over 2,000 books to 900 kids at Haywood Elementary School in Nashville.

For more information on Ride for Reading, visit its website at the link below.